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*Over 120 weeks of Homework now available*

 I’m often asked about what I used to practice growing up, or how I developed my style of guitar playing and approach to music. I want to use this platform to share weekly “homework” with you to help with some inspiration or to help expand your language on the guitar. This project will span a wide range of topics, but it’ll all be wrapped in a “short and sweet” presentation.

 Every week, I’ll provide you with some homework that I believe can help us break new ground in our guitar playing and help keep things fresh and exciting. Theory, harmony and technique, backing tracks, guest teachers and featured subscribers will all be covered and featured in some capacity. I'm also going to be working hard to add bonus/behind the scenes content as much as humanly possible.

 I’ll be uploading every Monday no matter where in the world I happen to be. This project will be on-going and will grow and develop as the community grows. You will also be given access to a private email address where I will be answering questions from subscribers directly. All videos will be quick and to the point, and because of my travelling schedule, I shoot them with my iPhone - that way, I'll be able to quickly upload and provide content without any logistical issues.

This will continue to grow and expand every week. I invite you to come along for the ride to see what we can all accomplish with this project!

The Extra Credit tier is here for anyone who would like more 1-1 contact with me while enrolled in Homework.  This tier will give you access to weekly 'graded' homework.

You will be given an email where you can send your weekly homework, songs you've been working on, questions about the music industry, endorsement, gear, tone, songwriting, theory etc..I will be going over your video submissions each week and answering any questions and providing insight/advice to the best of my ability.

While aimed at Homeworkers, this is also for any aspiring musicians, students, songwriters or anyone else who'd like weekly correspondence with me about anything they'd like to chat about - this also includes signing up for private lessons and session work .

Looking forward to working with you and growing the community together!